Aim High Charitable Trust

A disability refers to any condition in which individuals experience significant limitations in their daily life or social activities over an extended period due to physical or mental impairments.

Particularly, those with mental disabilities often struggle to adapt to society due to limited communication and challenging behaviours. Empathising with the physical and psychological difficulties faced by people with disabilities and their families, Aim High Charitable Trust was established to focus on the future of disabled individuals.

While the long-term goal is to create a healthier and more peaceful society by guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities, our immediate objective is to provide more opportunities and education.

We aim to make it easier for people with disabilities to integrate into society. This includes teaching them proper habits, adapting to social norms, learning, and practicing basic tasks, as well as offering opportunities for engagement. This is the ongoing mission we are committed to.

Seeing our young volunteers who interact with disabled individuals, engage in conversations without hesitation, and volunteer from diverse backgrounds and age groups inspires us to dream bigger.