Aim High Café


Labour Volunteering

1. Assist us in taking care of our centre through cleaning our facilities (vacuum, toilet cleaning, window cleaning, etc), organising and arranging our items used in daily programs.
2. Assist us in our office and paperwork, such as preparing supporting documents required for applying for funds and grants.
3. Help us to take care of the gardens around our facility.
4. Provide vehicle services when we go for outdoor activities, pick-up and drop-off services for the individuals who require the extra service.
5. Provide lunch service (catering) for our staff, volunteers, and students.
6. We require a lot of education and day care materials for our different programs, so we need a lot of hands for making those materials. Laminating, organising files, making cutting and colouring materials, etc)

Activities Support

1. Individuals with disabilities require assistance in most programs and activities, even when doing simple tasks such as line drawing. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers who can assist our students to enjoy different programs and activities at our centre.
2. We want volunteers who can cooperate with our individuals to support them in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, ice skating, tree adventures, and more.

Talent and Special Service

1. Volunteers who have special skills such as paper folding, calligraphy, baking, cooking, knitting, candle making, crafting and many more, can help us to have small group classes to allow individuals to get involved in a variety of activities to develop different skills.
2. We are also looking for the volunteers who can donate goods and crafts they have made, for us to use for our fundraising purposes. (Candles, knitted products, pots for plants, etc)

*If you wish to apply for volunteering, please fill in the application form attached below and email it to [email protected].
Volunteer Application Form.pdf (101 KB)