Aim High Donation



Donation of Goods

1. We accept donation of goods and materials that can be used in our day care and education centre.
2. We are also planning to open a café in the near future. Therefore, items and skills required in a café would also be a great help. Such as coffee machines, bakery ingredients and tools, coffee beans, takeaway containers, and more.
3. Donation of teaching materials and textbooks. Individuals with disabilities require consistent and steady education with different types of education materials. Therefore, we need to have a variety of teaching materials in order to help our individuals develop further.
4. Donation of fans, heaters, microwaves, and other things required in the facility.

Financial Support

1. Any amount of donation can be made to our bank account on our website and our brochure.
2. All donations can be made either one-off, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
3. You can claim a tax credit for any donations of $5 or more. Which is 33.33 cents for every dollar you donate. As we are an approved organisation, we can provide you the receipt with our details.

Account Number 06-0323-0694123-00 (ANZ)
Contact Number 021 137 8434
E-mail [email protected]
Charity Address 47 Pearn Place, Northcote, Auckland

*If you wish to make any donations, please contact us through the details above.