Daycare Program

For preschool and school-age students with special needs

Program Outline

  • Personal Care: : Personal hygiene habits, Toileting, Balanced diet and nutrition
  • Physical Activity : Fine/Gross motor skills, Movement through play
  • Essential Reading and Maths : Reading and writing, Counting, Money and time
  • Leisure and Recreation : Learning Sports and dance, Visiting museum/gallery/library
  • Life Skills : Speech therapy, Communication skills
  • Vocational Experience : Cooking and baking, Craftwork, Planting

Program Preview

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Session Library visit
& Cooking
Forest Walk Shopping
& Cooking
MOTAT visit Museum Visit
Afternoon Session Reading
& Maths
& Exercise
& Maths
Music Art
& Exercise

Monthly Theme

Month Theme Month Theme
January Myself and My Family July Transport
February My Body August Time and Season
March Colours and Shapes September The Earth and the universe
April My Neighbourhood October Music and musical instruments
May Animals and Plants November 5W1H
June Equipment and Machines December Occupations